Romney Needs A Wyche Fowler Moment

Back in 1986, Fowler was running for the US Senate in Georgia against the GOP incumbent Mack Mattingly. Mattingly was to debate Fowler on a local Atlanta station and Mattingly at the last moment cancelled or was delayed. Fowler used his airtime to blast Mattingly. Newt Gingrich called the radio station and asked if Fowler would like to debate him in lieu of Mattingly.

Wyche’s response: “Oh, Newt, I’ve been trying all over this state to debate the organ grinder-I’m sure not going to debate his monkey.” Fowler won that election.

Lately, Romney has been under attack from Obama’s surrogates in the media and in politics.  He has been assailed for not making public his tax returns.  Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate majority leader, insinuated that Romney would not make these returns public because he had not paid any taxes during the years in question.  This calumnious charge extended the shelf life of a non-story.  Even worse, Obama’s superPAC released an ad in which a husband blamed Romney for his wife’s death from cancer.  The ad patently untrue and showed the depths Team Obama will go to destroy their opponent.  The media, which is still in the tank for Obama, demands Romney respond to  each and every allegation.  After all, they know Obama cannot win reelection based on his record in office nor on the substance of his ideas.

In response, Romney needs to drop the gauntlet on Team Obama.  Romney needs to directly challenge Obama to cut out all the surrogates and make this mano a mano between Romney and Obama.  Obama is too dependent on teleprompters and surrogates. The president is like the boxer who amassed a 20-0 record because his manager fixed the bouts. No one’s laid a glove on him. This isn’t a time to pull punches.

Then, Romney needs to hit Obama on issues of substance.  I’d also love to hear Romney weigh in on outsourcing, especially since the president doesn’t understand the word. Something like, “For a guy who doesn’t like outsourcing, he sure does it a lot. The stimulus? He didn’t make that law. He outsourced it to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Obamacare? He didn’t make that law. He outsourced it to a bunch of special interests groups. The key elements of his entire agenda were outsourced. The president says he has a problem with outsourcing. So do I. I have a problem with a president who outsources leadership. That won’t happen in a Romney administration.”

It is time for Romney realize just how weak Obama is as an incumbent.  This is not only a winnable race but also a realization that the Emperor wears no clothes.  In this case, Obama should be exposed as an empty suit.



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