Rush’s Fluke

Rush Limbaugh went on the air as usual Wednesday, February 29. As usual, Limbaugh discussed current political events. One of these political events surrounded the Congressional testimony of one Sandra Fluke, a law student at Georgetown University.  Ms. Fluke was the sole witness in a congressional hearing held by Nancy Pelosi on Friday, February 24. Fluke testified about the need for ObamaCare to mandate religious institutions to provide free contraception and abortifacients under their health insurance plans.  Ms. Fluke claimed that 40% of her fellow students “struggled financially” because of contraceptive costs averaging $1000 a year.  Yet, the pharmacy at Target sells birth control pills for nine dollars per month. This is the price without insurance.

Limbaugh cited a CNS article from February 27,which mocked Fluke’s assertions. However, Limbaugh made a mistake in using the words “slut” and “prostitute” to describe Ms. Fluke.  Unfortunately, for Limbaugh, Ms. Fluke never made any claims that she was complicit in this type of behavior.  Limbaugh also forgot that every word of every one of his broadcasts are monitored by leftist groups like Media Matters For America and Think Progress. Within 24 to 48 hours, the mainstream media picked up Limbaugh’s comments and a firestorm of controversy ensued. Lost in the examination was any analysis of how and when Ms. Fluke conducted her survey of Georgetown law students. Questions should be asked as to how many students were surveyed as well as what questions were asked.  It will not happen ( unless the GOP leadership miraculously subpoenas her to testify under oath under penalty of perjury) but Limbaugh’s remarks will be parsed and remembered.

I am somewhat stunned that Limbaugh missed the intent of this testimony.  It was a distraction from the debate over the freedom of religion.  Limbaugh became the distraction to the distraction.  The mainstream media bought the hype that Fluke was some 23-year-old law school student. However, she is a 30-year-old activist who also happened to be a past-president of the Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice.  Nancy Pelosi knew exactly who her witness was while everyone else was half awake.  Thus, instead of focusing on the message and the background of the messenger, Limbaugh focused on the messenger. Limbaugh fell into the ready-made trap.  Media Matters and Think Progress struck gold.  It should be noted that both organizations are working hand-in-hand with Democrat politicians and activists, as well as  the White House.  It should be obvious to history buffs what is going on with the current administration.  In what is reminiscent of the Nixon White House, the Obama White House has an enemies list and uses these outside groups to wage war on anyone who is an enemy of this administration.  However, it is  not enough to get Limbaugh to apologize, the goal is to destroy  Limbaugh.

The irony of the Left is that we are to accept their dissent;  which they equate with being patriotic.  When the Right dissents, the violator is not only expected to apologize but confess to any and all crimes committed in words, thought, and deed.  In short, there is a war ongoing against conservatives. The first person to receive this treatment was Richard Nixon.  Nixon was  savagely attacked for his role in bringing Alger Hiss to justice.  Nixon was continuously  attacked by the liberal elitists.  The attacks tended to be confined to these folks.  Through the years, conservatives have been subjected to this kind of behavior.  However, the eight years of the Bush presidency saw an unprecedented depth to these attacks.  They were not confined to liberal elites but now the attacks were made by a broad spectrum of people.

Limbaugh is being savagely attacked by the same folks.  The goal of these people is to take Limbaugh off the air.  They have devised various methods from reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine to pressuring companies to stop advertising on his show.  To date, the Limbaugh show has lost seven advertisers over this furor.  One of them, Carbonite, has pulled its advertising from the Limbaugh show, yet, they continue to advertise on the Ed Schultz show on MSNBC.  In case you have forgotten, Ed Schultz openly called Laura Ingraham a right-wing slut.  It should also be noted that the president and CEO of Carbonite gives money to, Americans Coming Together, and Obama.  It’s funny,  when conservatives dislike liberal programming, they are told to change the channel or turn off the program.  They do not take their own advice.

Yes, I disagree with Limbaugh’s personal attacks on this activist.  I believe an apology was in order and that apology should be accepted.  Limbaugh has apologized and in my mind the matter is concluded.  To demand anything further is not only overkill but we are getting very close to accepting the end of free speech because we disagree with the speaker or their speech.  When free speech is censored, our days as Republic are numbered.  We should be watching this situation carefully.


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