Obama’s Women

It is becoming quite clear where Obama is staking his re-election chances.  It is becoming quite clear where Obama is staking his reelection chances. Team Obama desires to divide and conquer the American electorate by pitting various groups against each other. This is being done via class warfare and most recently through the HHS mandate which requires the Catholic Church to provide health insurance to pay for various forms of birth control including abortions.
When the HHS mandate was made, the biggest supporters of the mandate were senators Barbara Boxer, Patsy Murray, Jeanne Shaheen.  Team Obama has also realized that the one issue that motivated Democrats to vote in the 2010 midterm elections was abortion. This was seen and Barbara boxer’s reelection victory in California as well as Ken Buck’s defeat in Colorado. It is a very risky gamble to make abortion and birth control a national referendum. However, as we have seen since Obama became a candidate for president, that he relies quite heavily on his women advisors.  This is seen in his foreign-policy as well as his domestic policy. The foreign-policy team is made up of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power. It is apparent that the HHS mandate is the brainchild of Karen Sibelius and most of the decisions concerning domestic policy are vetted and championed by Valerie Jarrett.  When combined with the influences of Obama’s anthropologist mother and Obama’s wife Michelle, you begin to see a pattern with who Obama trusts and relies upon for advice and direction.
As a result of the HHS mandate, Obama’s Chief of Staff William Daley resigned. He was replaced by Jacob Lew. Lew’s defense of the mandate on the Sunday talk shows was abysmal and lacked any coherence. To be fair, it is quite difficult to be coherent on such an emotional issue like abortion. It is apparent that team Obama seeks to win reelection on emotional issues. Historically, reelections have been decided on the incumbent’s record. It is obvious that Obama is eschewing running on his record. I don’t blame him because his record has not been consistent and his major legislative accomplishments have not been popular with the American people.
I suspect this will be the first of many attempts by team Obama to divide and conquer the American people this election season. There has not been much enthusiasm to reelect Obama to a second term. Obama has not been raising the kind of money that he raised in 2008.  His poll numbers are still below 50%. This is a tactic that reeks of desperation. He is selling not hope but fear. This is a far cry from the rhetoric of 2008 Obama deserves to be defeated this November and hopefully the GOP will provide a candidate capable of defeating Obama

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