In Memoriam of Andrew Breitbart

This morning, I felt a pain in my stomach as though I’d been kicked by a mule. This was a reaction I felt when I learned that Andrew Breitbart had passed away at the age of 43. It seemed like only yesterday when I first read about Andrew Breitbart and how he and his merry band of conservatives were bedeviling the Left. When he exposed the nefarious actions of ACORN for the world to behold, I became a fan of his style and substance. This was a man of ideas and action.
What influenced me the most was his willingness to take on the Left on any issue and on any act. He challenged the Left, not only on their ideas but actually exposed their words for all to see. He was never a slave to the epistemic closure of the ideologue.  I remember posting on a pay conservative website that this was the direction the Conservative Movement had to go to stem the rising tide of the Left.  I remember the response was tepid. You see, Breitbart was not only willing to challenge the Left but he also challenged the Right.  I can still remember when he confronted a group of “Birthers” at a tea party convention in 2010 and told them that their cause was “self-indulgent, narcissistic, and a losing issue”. As usual, he was correct.
What made me admire him most was his fearlessness. He was not afraid of his enemies or his positions. He led by the conviction of his ideas and an embracing message. He was despised by ideological Left and ignored by the status quo Right.  For many of us, who understood his purpose, he was a beacon of rationality in the world of rigid ideology. I am very grateful for the contributions he has made to the Conservative Movement. It is my hope that we continue the work that Andrew Breitbart began.
Andrew Breitbart left a wife and four young children; please keep them in your prayers.

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